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About The Company

 Honeycomb Investors is a local network of real estate investors. We buy houses, condos, multi-unit buildings, duplexes and townhouses. What we are typically looking for when we buy houses is home owners who would like to sell their home in “as is” condition quickly for a cash buyout. This includes homes that are difficult to sell for a number of reasons, and also homes that have their owners in tough, captive situations. We pay cash to purchase these homes from their owners, rehab them, and then sell these homes to investors or buyers, or rent them to tenants. In doing so, we’re home buyers who help the owners get out of their difficult housing situation so they can finally move onto a new life, and we provide outstanding opportunities for renters and first time home buyers while dramatically improving neighborhoods throughout the process. Our Wholesale Buyers program is a low cost opportunity for investors interested in building wealth through their own real estate investment business. Our unique program opportunity includes Private Money Lenders that investors can use to build their business by giving them the tools to finance homes for sale and do repairs. We also provide mass advertising campaigns and direct selling campaigns that help our Private money lenders identify investors and home buyers with a stake in area neighborhoods.

No Matter What Your House Situation Or Condition We Can Help

Facing Foreclosure

As foreclosure rates hit record levels, we are seeing more and more good people in this situation. Whether you are facing a Bank Foreclosure or Tax Foreclosure, we are able to help you

Back Taxes

Some of the properties we buy have code violations, open or expired permits, city liens + fines, water liens, unsafe structure violations, demolition orders and other title problems.


inherited a property and Probate needs to be done, we can handle and pay for the Probate. We have dedicated  Attorneys that work with us to get our files done faster, properly and for the lowest possible price.

Divorce Issues

We are educated in all types of Divorce proceedings. We are aware of possible delays in the legal process and do not get intimidated or frustrated like many other home buyers might.

Major Repairs

You don’t have to spend a dime when you sell your property to us. We buy as-is and we will handle all the repairs and cleaning that is needed to restore the home.

Rental Properties

We have extensive experience in dealing with tenants. We will assume the current lease on the property at the time of purchase.

Why Choose Honeycomb Investors

We Make Selling Your Property Fast and Easy

No Fees/Comissions

You payAbsolutely nothing. We charge no fees whether we buy your house or not

We Buy As-Is

No need to fix or clean anything  we will take care of this if we buy your house

Quick Closings

You will get paid the day of the closing which is usually 15-30 days or less.

Download our free Home Sellrs' Guide

Free Home Sellers Guide

As a homeowner, you’re living in your biggest investment. So, when the time comes to put that investment on the market, you want to make sure you do it right.

  • How to know when the time is right to put your house on the market
  • Ways to catch buyers’ attention—without busting your budget
  • How to drum up competitive offers
  • What happens after the contract is signed

What's your home worth?

What are home prices in your neighborhood.

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